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New operating procedures

Alice owns a folder with some files in it. Alice shares the folder with Bob as Editor.

Bob deletes removes one of the files in the folder by selecting “Remove”. Then Bob decides it was a mistake and wants to get it back. BUT THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Bob can’t do anything. The file has been removed from the shared folder. It is not in his Trash. If he had a shortcut to it, the shortcut is now a dead link.

Bob phones Alice and begs her to help. But it’s not easy for Alice either. The file is gone from the shared folder. And it’s not visible anywhere in Alice’s My Drive.

If Alice can remember the filename, she can search for it. Miraculously the file may be found in a non-existent location. When Alice clicks to see the file details, the location field is missing. Nevertheless Alice can restore the file to where it belongs.

Alternatively, Alice can look at the Activity pane for the shared folder.