Friday Folk Band - Index


Alphabetical Index of Tunes


72nd's Farewell to Aberdeen, Ra55/R29
A and D, J16
A la Mode de France, S6
Alabama Jubilee, S45
Alderman's Hat, S33
Alice/Elsie Marley, S43
Alison's Waltz, W13
Allegro Ma Non Presto (Vivaldi), S13
Alterations, S15
American Squares, R1
An Enchanted Place - Hewlett, S33
Anniversary Reel, R31
Ap Shenkin (The Tempest), J16
April's Breakdown, R2
Arkansas Traveller, R5
Ash Grove, W7
Ashling's Jig, J18
Astley's Ride, Ra53
Auld Donald, R29
Aunt Hessie's White Horse, S16
Baby Lie Easy, W2
Back Up and Push, R32
Ballybunnion Polka, R17
Ballydesmond Polka -2 (Maurice Manley's), R17
Ballydesmond Polka -3 (Tom Billy's), R17
Barbarini's Tambourine, S31
Bare Necessities, S23
Bastrange, La, S39
Bath Medley, S43
Beaver Creek, R4
Behind The Bush In The Garden, J26
Belfast Hornpipe (Lass on the Strand), H4
Bell's Favourite, J24
Ben Chichester, J6
Blacehope Burn, J17
Black Jack, S17
Black Nag, S1
Blackbird, H3
Blaydon Races, J10
Blodau'r Drain, W10
Blow The Man Down, W3
Blow The Trumpet, R23
Boil 'Em Cabbage Down, R1
Bonnie Dundee, J14
Bonnie Annie (Red House), S41
Bonny Breast Knot, S25
Bonny Breast Knot (Sussex), Ra53
Bonny Cuckoo, S11
Bonny Kate, R26
Bottom of the Punchbowl, Ra55
Bourton Six, Ra53
Boys of Tandragee, J26
Branle des Chevaux, S14
Breakdown, R22
Bricks and Mortar, Ra51
Brighton Camp, R11
Broom's Reel, R26
Burnt Old Man, J27
Bundle And Go, J27
Bugle Quickstep (Lady In The Boat), J6
Caerdroia, W10
Caledonian Quickstep, R13
Campbells Are Coming, J14
Campbell's Frolic, J29
Captain MacIntosh, R21
Captain Maguire, R12
Captain White, J12
Carolan's Cottage (The Introduction), S42
Cart Tracks, R31
Charity Jig, J30
Chelmsford Assembly, S46
Chelsea Reach, S34
Chestnut or Dove's Figary, S36
Chicken on the Fence Post, R1
Childgrove, S2
Chinese Breakdown, R7
Christchurch Bells, S7
Christmas Jigs, J23
Christmas Reels, R23
Christmas Waltzes, W1
Click Go The Shears, H3
Cloud's Reel, R30
Clow Bank (Tip Top Polka), R27
Cobbler, W2
Cock O' The North, J1/S20
Coldside, J30
Coleford Tune, R25
Come Dance and Sing, R14
Comical Fellow, S33
Coming Round the Mountain, R19
Coming, Ready or Not, J22
Connaught Man's Rambles, J8
Corn Rigs, Ra50
Cowboy Jig, J27
Cradle Song, W9
Cumberland Square Eight (My Love She's But a Lassie), S20
Daffodils (Freda's Waltz), S42
Danish Double Quadrille, S29
Dannish Waltz, H10
Daphne (Hit and Miss), S6
Dargason or Sedany, S35
Dartington, S38
Dashing White Sergeant, S19
Davy-Davy Knick-Knack, R22
Deck The Halls, R23
Delia, S5
Devil Among the Tailors, S15
Dick's Maggot, S8
Die Winter is Vergangen (Waters of Holland), S47
Ding Dong Merrily On High, R23
Dingle's Regatta, J20
Doodling, S32
Dorchester Hornpipe, H8
Dorset Four Hand Reel, S18
Dorset Triumph, S22
Dorsetshire Hornpipe, Ra52
Double Lead Through, Ra51
Dover Pier, S8
Dove's Figary or Chestnut, S36
Draper's Maggot, S8
Dreaming, W12
Dressed Ship, S3
Dribbles Of Brandy, J18/J21
Drink Your Tea Love, W5
Drops Of Brandy, J15
Drumdelgie (Miller of Stralloch), J4
Drunken Piper, Ra55
Drunken Sailor, R5
Duke of Kent's Waltz, S8
Duke of Perth, R29
Duke of York's Fancy, S48
Dunham Oaks, S33
Duncan Gray, R39
Durham Rangers, Ra52
Edelweiss, W9
Einstein's Reel, R37
Eliza Jane, R3
Elizabethan Tango Man, S40
Elsie (Alice) Marley, S43
Enrico (Jacob), H8
Epping Forest, S37
Fair Jenny's Jig, J27
Fair Quaker of Deal, S10
Fairy Prince, S44
Fandango, S4
Fanny Frail, R14
Farewell to Devon, W14
Farewell to Whisky - 1, R11
Farewell to Whisky - 2, R12
Fasten The Leggings, J30
Feathers, J7
Female Saylor, S10
Fiddle Hill Jig, J19
Fiery Clock Face, J13
Find the Lady, R28
First Weston Change, J24
Flight, J18
Flynn's Castle, Ra56
Forgotten Jig, J17
Four and Twenty, R7
Fraises et Les Framboises, Ah! Les, R13
Freda's Waltz (Daffodils), S42
Fred Pigeon's no. 1, R28
Fred Pigeon's no. 2, R28
Friday Folk Rag, R32
Friendly Visit, H5
Galley Hill Reel, R40
Galliarde de Slof, S17
Galopede, Ra56
Gathering Peascods, S2
Geud Man of Ballangigh, S6
Gilderoy, Ra52
Gin I Were Where The Gadie Rins, R36
Girl with the Blue Dress On, R14
Glakey Hornpipe, J29
Glendaruel Highlanders, J25
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself, J21
Goathland Square Eight, S17
Gold And Silver, W8
Golden Slippers, R8
Goodbye Girls, I'm Going To Boston, R6
Gosseburgh, W4
Grande Cosse, S48
Grandfather's Pet, J2
Greencastle Hornpipe, H8
Greenholm, J2
Greenwich Park, S6
Green Willow, J29
Greenwood Tree, W7
Grimstock, R28
Grove, R40
Guardian Angels, S34
Halfe Hannikin, S36
Hang Fire, R33
Hardiman The Fiddler, J15
Harmonica, J13
Harper's Frolic, R26
Harvest Home, H2
Hastings Reel, R40
Hayden Fancy, R16
Heart of My Kitty (Katie's Rambles), J9
Helena, S20
He Played His Ukulele, R3
Heswall & West Kirby Jamboree, S31
Hewlett (An Enchanted Place), S33
Hexham Races (Kenmure's On and Awa'), J8
Hey! Johnnie Cope, R36
Hieland Laddie, R29
Highland Boat Song, W11
Hills of Glenorchy, J25
Hit and Miss, S6
Holborn March, S7
Hole in the Wall, S4
Hop Picker's Feast, S10
Hora Chadera, S39
Hot Punch, J1
Hot Time, S46
Hugh O'Donnell, S9
Hundred Pipers, J1
Hunsdon House, S38
Hunt the Squirrel, S6
Huntsman's Chorus Dance, S21
Huntsmen's Chorus, R12
Hyndaa Yn Bwoailley, S26
I Have a Bonnet Trimmed With Blue (Trip to Bavaria), S47
I Love You So, W8
I Saw Three Ships, J23
Icy Jig, J22
Idlewild Jig, J26
If You're Irish, J10
In Dulci Jubilo, J23
In A Burton Manner, W6
Indian Queen, S5
Indian Reel, R2
Introduction (Carolan's Cottage), S42
Irish Tune, R40
I'll Build A Stairway, R24
Jack a Lent, S11
Jack Pudding (Step Stately), S43
Jackson's Escape, R33
Jack's Delight, Ra51
Jack's Life, R9
Jack's Maggot, S4
Jacob (Enrico), H8
Jamaica, S7
Jelles Wille (Jelle's Choice), W6
Jenny Pluck Pears, S35
Jersey, H6
Jessie's Hornpipe (The Ton), R10
Jimmy Allen, R13
Jimmy-Crack-Corn, R4
John Tallis's Canon, S22
Johnnie I do Miss You, R17
Johnny Get Your Hair Cut, R12
Johnny Cope, R35
Jollity, J18
Jolly Coppersmith, S29
Joy's Waltz, W13
Jubilee Reel, R2
Jubilee Roundabout, S17
Jubilo (Kingdom Come), R3
Juice of Barley, S7
Kafoozalum (Thady You Gander), S44
Kathleen Tyrell, W4
Katie's Rambles (Heart of My Kitty), J9
Kelsterne Gardens, S48
Kenmure's On and Awa' (Hexham Races), J8
Kingdom Come (Jubilo), R3
Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major, S30
La Chiapanecas (Mexican Waltz), S28
La Poule, J4
La Russe, R22
Lady Be Good, R24
Lady In The Boat (Bugle Quickstep), J6
Lannigan's Ball, J9
Lass of Richmond Hill, S5
Lass on the Strand(Belfast Hornpipe), H4
Lassie's Fancy, J9
Leaning On A Lamppost, R15
Leather Away the Wattle-O, R11
Leaving of Liverpool, R18
Les Fraises, R13
Let Your Feet Go, R39
Lilliburlero, S3
Little Brown Jug, R13
Load The Boat, R39
London Bridge (Thady You Gander), S44
Long John's Wedding, J2
Long Live London, S19
Lord Moira, H6
Lord of Carnarvon's Jig, S11
Lord Of The Dance, H3
Lost Indian, R1
Louisburg Square, J16
Lull Me Beyond Thee, S35
M. George Whitehead his Almand, S12
MacFriesian's March, R20
MacGillycuddy's, R16
MacNamara's Band, J10
Maggie Brown's Favourite, J4
Maggie In the Wood, R16/21
Maggie May, R18
Maggie's Waltz, W13
Maiden Lane, S38
Major Mackie's Jig, J7
Manchester (Ricket's) Hornpipe, H5
Maple Leaf Jig, J19
Marching Through Georgia, R19
March of St Timothy, S37
Margaret's Waltz, W14
Margravine's Waltz, W5
Marmaduke's Hornpipe, R7
Maurice Manley's (Ballydesmond Polka -2), R17
McQuillan's Squeezebox, R9
Merch Megan, W10
Messing About On The River, W7
Mexican Waltz (La Chiapanicas), S28
Miller of Stralloch (Drumdelgie), J4
Minstrel's Fancy, H4
Miss Bennet's Jig, J2
Miss de Jersey's Memorial, S23
Miss Dollond's Delight, S4
Miss Gayton's Hornpipe, H2
Miss Hepburn Belches, R36
Mist on the Bog, R10
Mist On The Marsh, W12
Montarde Branle, S13
Moonlight Moorings, W9
Morning Hornpipe, H9
Morpeth Rant, Ra50
Mounthills, S1
Mr Beveridge's Maggot, S11
Mr Cosgill's Delight, S11
Muddy Water, R4
My Little Ukulele, R15
My Lord Byron's Maggot, S40
My Love She's But a Lassie (Cumberland Square Eight), S20
My Rose In June, W3
My Wife's A Wanton We Thing, J15
Nancy Dawson, J3
Nancy's Fancy, R11
Nan's Waltz, W5
Navvy On The Line, H2
Never Love Thee More, S36
Newcastle, S4
New York Times, S45
Nick Nack, R13
Ninepins (Oats, Peas, Beans), J20
Nonesuch, S6
Oaken Leaves, S35
Oats, Peas, Beans (Ninepins), J20
Off To California (Whiskey Hornpipe), H4
Oh Susanna, R3
Oige ja Vasemba, S18
Old Favourite, J26
Old Folks At Home (Swanee), R8
Old Grey Cat, Ra55
Old Joe Clark, R3
Old Lango Lee, J11
Old Parnell Reel, R34
Old Rosin the Beau, J6/J14
Old Woman Tossed in a Blanket, J21
O Nederland, Let Op U Saeck (Waters of Holland), S47
On the Road To Boston, R6
Orange and Blue, H6
Oranges and Lemons, S38
Orleans Baffled, S2
Oscar Wood's, J11
Oyster Girl, J11
Pachelbel's Canon, S9
Pack Up Your Troubles, S30
Pandean Dance, J18
Parson's Farewell, S34
Past Three O'Clock, W1
Peacock Rag, R32
Perfect Cure, J5
Pete Peerie's Boat, J29
Petronella, Ra56
Picking Up Sticks, S37
Pinky-Po, H7
Portsmouth, S2
Pride of Newcastle, S31
Prince of Wales Contredanse, S27
Prince Of Wales Jig, J18
Quaker's Wife, J6
Queen Victoria Country Dance, S27
Queen's Jig, S8
Quem Pastores, W1
Quigley's Reel, R33
Ragtime Annie, R30
Railway, J13
Rakes of Kildare, J8
Rakes of Mallow, R10
Ranting Women, S48
Real Princess, S23
Red House (Bonnie Annie), S41
Red Lark, W4
Red River Valley, R19
Redwing, R8
Reel de Montreal, R2
Remerts of Herford (Trip to Bavaria), S 47
Return the Blow (Hyndaa Yn Bwoailley), S26
Richmond Cotillion, R35
Ricket's (Manchester) Hornpipe, H5
Road To The Isles, H1
Roaring Jelly (Smash The Windows), J12
Rochdale Coconut Dance, R27
Rocky Road To Dublin, J15
Roger de Coverley, Sir, S15
Rollstone Mountain, R20
Rose of Allandale, W14
Rose of Rochester, S10
Rose Tree, R10/S20
Rosin The Beau, J6/J14
Round Pond, S24
Roxburgh Castle, Ra50/51
Royal Albert, S27
Royal Meeting, S13
Saints Go Marching In, R19
Sally Hunter, J19
Sally There's a Bug On Me, R5
Salmon Tails Up the Water, R21
Salty Dog Rag, H7
Scalloway Voe, W11
Scan Tester's Schottische no. 1, H10
Scan Tester's Schottische no.2, H10
Scotch Measure, S11
Sedany or Dargason, S35
Self (Trip to The Cottage), J12
Sellenger's Round, S3
Setnja, S39
Set de la Baie St Paul, R9
Seven-Beat Polka (Tin Gee-Gee), R7
Seven Joys of Mary, J23
Shenandoah Falls, R35
Ships Ahoy (Wrongside Reel), S19
Shortnin' Bread, H1
Shrewsbury Lasses, S1
Silver and Gold, S29/R20
Sir Roger de Coverley, S15
Skye Boat Song, W11
Slof Galliard, S17
Smash The Windows (Roaring Jelly), J12
Smith's Reel, R37
Snouts and Ears of America, R30
Soldier's Joy, Ra50
Spaceman, J4
Speed the Plough, S25
Sprites in the Woods, J22
St Anne's Reel, R6
Star Of The County Down, W3
Staten Island, R22
Steamboat 1 +2, H1
Step Stately (Jack Pudding), S43
Still I Love Him, W3
Streets Of Laredo, W2
Summertime, R24
Sun Assembly, S3
Susanna, R3
Sussex Bonny Breast Knot, Ra53
Swallow Tail, J24
Swanee (Old Folks At Home), R8
Swannee, R24
Swedish Masquerade, S28
Sweet Briar, Ra54
Sweet Pretty Daisy, J30
Sweets Of May, J20
Take A Dance, S26
Tarry Awhile, J25
Tempest, S28
Tempest, Ra54
Tempest (Ap Shenkin), J16
Tenfold, S45
Thady You Gander (There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose + London Bridge [Kafoozalem]), S44
There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose (Thady You Gander), S44
Those Magnificent Men, S30
Tiddlewinks Polka, R14
Tin Gee-Gee (Seven-Beat Polka), R7
Tinker, J5
Tip Top Hornpipe, R27
Tip Top Polka (Clow Bank), R27
Tobin's Favourite, J8
Tom Billy's (Ballydesmond Polka -3), R17
Tom Sullivan's, R16
Ton (Jessie's Hornpipe), R10
Tony Gilmore's Rag, R34
Tourner Trois, S32
Trail of the Lonesome Pine, S46
Tralee Gaol, R16
Trip to Bavaria (Remerts of Herford + I Have a Bonnet Trimmed With Blue), S47
Trip to The Cottage (Self), J12
Triumph (Dorset), S22
Trumpet Tune, S13
Tunbridge Walks, S46
Uncle Ruben, R1
Upon a Summers Day, S1
Upton Upon Severn Stick Dance, J5
Vivaldi - Allegro ma non presto, S13
Wabash Cannonball, R4
Waiting for Fish (Westward Bound), S42
Walkin' Up Town, H7
Waltzing Matilda, H1
Wassail All Over The town, W1
Waterloo Dance, S41
Waters of Holland (Die Winter is Vergangen [Winter it is Over] + O Nederland,
    Let Op U Saeck [Waters of Holland]), S47
Waves Of The Danube, W8
Weaver And His Wife, J7
Western Country, R35
Westward Bound (Waiting for Fish), S42
We Three Kings, J23
When Daylight Shines, J3
When I'm Cleaning Windows, R15
When The Saints Go Marching In, R19
When You and I Were Young, Maggie, R18
Whinham's Reel, R39
Whirligig, S16
Whiskey Hornpipe (Off to California), H4
White Cockade, S25
Whose Jig, J19
Wild Rover, W2
Wiltshire Six Hand Reel, S18
Winster Galop, S27
Winter it is Over (Waters of Holland), S47
Wish You A Merry Christmas, W1
Wonder Hornpipe, H5
Wrongside Reel - Ships Ahoy, S19
Yellow Rose of Texas, R19
Zealand, S44
Zephyrs and Flora, S41

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