Friday Folk Band - Repertoire of Tunes



S1 Upon a Summers Day / Mounthills / Shrewsbury Lasses / Black Nag
S2 Portsmouth / Gathering Peascods / Orleans Baffled / Childgrove
S3 Lilliburlero / Sellenger's Round / Sun Assembly / Dressed Ship
S4 Jack's Maggot / Newcastle / Hole in the Wall / Fandango / Miss Dollond's Delight
S5 Delia / Lass of Richmond Hill / Indian Queen
S6 Geud Man of Ballangigh / Greenwich Park / Hit and Miss / Nonesuch / A la Mode de France
S7 Holborn March / Jamaica / Juice of Barley / Christchurch Bells
S8 Dick's Maggot / Dover Pier / Draper's Maggot / Duke of Kent's Waltz / Queen's Jig
S9 Hugh O'Donnell / Pachelbel's Canon
S10 Hop Picker's Feast / Rose of Rochester / Fair Quaker of Deal / Female Saylor
S11 Scotch Measure / Bonny Cuckoo / Mr Beveridge's Maggot / Lord of Carnarvon's Jig / Jack a Lent / Mr Cosgill's Delight
S12 M. George Whitehead his Almand
S13 Montarde Branle / Royal Meeting / Trumpet Tune / Vivaldi - Allegro ma non presto
S14 Branle des Chevaux
S15 Devil Among the Tailors / Alterations / Sir Roger de Coverley
S16 Aunt Hessie's White Horse / Whirligig
S17 Jubilee Roundabout / Black Jack / Goathland Square Eight / Galliarde de Slof
S18 Oige ja Vasemba / Wiltshire Six Hand Reel / Dorset Four Hand Reel
S19 Dashing White Sergeant / Long Live London / Wrongside Reel - Ships Ahoy
S20 Rose Tree / Cumberland Square Eight - My Love She's But a Lassie / Cock of the North / Helena
S21 Huntsman's Chorus Dance
S22 John Tallis's Canon / The Triumph (Dorset)
S23 Bare Necessities / Miss de Jersey's Memorial / Real Princess
S24 Round Pond
S25 Speed the Plough / Bonny Breast Knot / White Cockade
S26 Hyndaa Yn Bwoailley / Take A Dance
S27 Queen Victoria Country Dance / Royal Albert (Prince of Wales Contredanse)/ Winster Galop
S28 The Tempest / Swedish Masquerade / Mexican Waltz (La Chiapanecas)
S29 Danish Double Quadrille / Jolly Coppersmith / Silver and Gold
S30 Those Magnificent Men / Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major / Pack Up Your Troubles
S31 Barbarini's Tambourine / Heswall & West Kirby Jubilee / The Pride of Newcastle
S32 Doodling / Tourner Trois
S33 Dunham Oaks / Comical Fellow / Alderman's Hat / Hewlett
S34 Chelsea Reach / Parson's Farewell / Guardian Angels
S35 Jenny Pluck Pears / Oaken Leaves / Lull Me Beyond Thee / Dargason or Sedany
S36 Never Love Thee More / Chestnut or Dove's Figary / Halfe Hannikin
S37 Epping Forest / March of St Timothy / Picking Up Sticks
S38 Dartington / Hunsdon House / Oranges and Lemons / Maiden Lane
S39 Setnja / Hora Chadera / La Bastrange
S40 Elizabethan Tango Man / My Lord Byron's Maggot
S41 Zephyrs and Flora / A Waterloo Dance / Red House (Bonnie Annie)
S42 Westward Bound (Waiting for Fish) / Daffodils (Freda's Waltz) / The Introduction (Carolan's Cottage)
S43 Step Stately (Jack Pudding) / Bath Medley / Alice / Elsie Marley
S 44 Thady You Gander (There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose + London Bridge [Kafoozalem]) / Zealand / The Fairy Prince
S45 New York Times / Alabama Jubilee / Tenfold
S46 Trail of the Lonesome Pine / Hot Time / Tunbridge Walks / Chelmsford Assembly
S47 Trip to Bavaria (Remerts of Herford + I Have a Bonnet Trimmed With Blue) / Waters of Holland (Die Winter is Vergangen [Winter it is Over] + O Nederland, Let Op U Saeck [Waters of Holland])
S48 Kelsterne Gardens / Duke of York's Fancy / Grande Cosse / Ranting Women


R1 AMERICAN SQUARES - Uncle Ruben / Boil 'Em Cabbage Down / Chicken on the Fence Post / Lost Indian
R2 Indian Reel / Reel de Montreal / April's Breakdown / Jubilee Reel
R3 Eliza Jane / He Played His Ukulele / Oh Susanna / Kingdom Come (Jubilo) / Old Joe Clark
R4 Beaver Creek / Muddy Water / Jimmy-Crack-Corn / Wabash Cannonball
R5 Arkansas Traveller / Sally There's a Bug On Me / The Drunken Sailor
R6 Goodbye Girls, I'm Going To Boston / On the Road To Boston / St Anne's Reel
R7 Four and Twenty / Chinese Breakdown / Marmaduke's Hornpipe / Tin Gee-Gee
R8 Redwing / Swanee / Golden Slippers
R9 McQuillan's Squeezebox / Jack's Life / Set de la Baie St Paul
R10 Rakes of Mallow / Rose Tree / Mist on the Bog / The Ton (Jessie's Hornpipe)
R11 Farewell to Whisky / Nancy's Fancy / Leather Away the Wattle-O / Brighton Camp
R12 Farewell to Whisky / Captain Maguire / Huntsmen's Chorus / Johnny Get Your Hair Cut
R13 Les Fraises et Les Framboises/ Caledonian Quickstep / Jimmy Allen / Little Brown Jug / Nick Nack
R14 Fanny Frail / Tiddlewinks Polka / Girl with the Blue Dress On / Come Dance and Sing
R15 The Formby Set - My Little Ukulele / When I'm Cleaning Windows / Leaning On A Lamppost
R16 Tom Sullivan's / Tralee Gaol / Hayden Fancy / MacGillycuddy's / Maggie in the Wood
R17 Johnnie I do Miss You / Ballybunnion Polka / Ballydesmond Polka - 2 / Ballydesmond Polka - 3
R18 Leaving of Liverpool / Maggie May / When You and I Were Young, Maggie
R19 Yellow Rose / Marching Thro' Georgia / Coming Round the Mountain / Saints / Red River Valley
R20 MacFriesian's March / Rollstone Mountain / Silver and Gold
R21 Captain MacIntosh / Salmon Tails Up the Water / Maggie In the Wood
R22 La Russe / Staten Island / Davy-Davy Knick-Knack / Breakdown
R23 Christmas Tunes - Deck The Halls / Blow The Trumpet / Ding Dong
R24 George Gershwin Selection - Summertime / Swannee / I'll Build A Stairway / Lady Be Good
R25 Coleford Tune
R26 Broom's Reel / Harper's Frolic / Bonny Kate
R27 Rochdale Coconut Dance / Tip Top Hornpipe / Tip Top Polka (Clow Bank)
R28 Find The Lady / Fred Pigeon's no. 1 / Fred Pigeon's no. 2
R29 Auld Donald / Hieland Laddie / The 72nd's Farewell to Aberdeen / Duke of Perth
R30 Ragtime Annie / Cloud's Reel / Snouts and Ears of America
R31 Anniversary Reel / Cart Tracks
R32 Friday Folk Rag / Back Up and Push / Peacock Rag
R33 Jackson's Escape / Quigley's Reel / Hang Fire
R34 Tony Gilmore's Rag / Old Parnell Reel
R35 Richmond Cotillion / Johnny Cope / Western Country / Shenandoah Falls
R36 Miss Hepburn Belches / Gin I Were Where The Gadie Rins / Hey! Johnnie Cope
R37 Smith's Reel / Einstein's Reel
R39 Duncan Gray / Whinham's Reel / Load The Boat / Let Your Feet Go
R40 Irish Tune / Galley Hill Reel / Hastings Reel / Grove


Ra50 Morpeth Rant / Soldier's Joy / Roxburgh Castle / Corn Rigs
Ra51 Roxburgh Castle / Jack's Delight / Bricks and Mortar / Double Lead Through
Ra52 Gilderoy / Dorsetshire Hornpipe / Durham Rangers
Ra53 Sussex Bonny Breast Knot / The Bourton Six / Astley's Ride
Ra54 The Sweet Briar / The Tempest
Ra55 Old Grey Cat / Drunken Piper / 72nd's Farewell to Aberdeen / Bottom of the Punchbowl
Ra56 Petronella / Flynn's Castle / Galopede


H1 Steamboat 1+2 / Road To The Isles / Waltzing Matilda / Shortnin' Bread
H2 Harvest Home / Navvy On The Line / Miss Gayton's
H3 Click Go The Shears / Blackbird / Lord Of The Dance
H4 Lass On The Strand / Off To California / Minstrel's Fancy
H5 Wonder / Manchester (Ricket's)/ Friendly Visit
H6 Jersey / Orange and Blue / Lord Moira
H7 Salty Dog Rag / Walkin' Up Town / Pinky-Po
H8 Greencastle / Jacob (Enrico) / Dorchester
H9 Morning Hornpipe
H10 The Dannish Waltz / Scan Tester's Schottische no. 1 / Scan Tester's Schottische no. 2


J1 Cock O' The North / Hot Punch / Hundred Pipers
J2 Greenholm / Grandfather's Pet / Long John's Wedding / Miss Bennet's
J3 Nancy Dawson / When Daylight Shines
J4 Drumdelgie (Miller of Stralloch) / Spaceman / Maggie Brown's Favourite / La Poule
J5 Perfect Cure / Upton Upon Severn Stick Dance / Tinker
J6 Quaker's Wife / Old Rosin The Beau / Lady In The Boat (Bugle Quickstep) / Ben Chichester
J7 Feathers / Major Mackie's / Weaver And His Wife
J8 Rakes of Kildare / Connaught Man's Rambles / Kenmure's On and Awa' (Hexham Races) / Tobin's Favourite
J9 Katie's Rambles (Heart of My Kitty)/ Lannigan's Ball / Lassie's Fancy
J10 Blaydon Races / MacNamara's Band / If You're Irish
J11 Old Lango Lee / Oscar Wood's / Oyster Girl
J12 Smash The Windows (Roaring Jelly) / Captain White / Trip to The Cottage (Self)
J13 The Railway / Fiery Clock Face / Harmonica
J14 The Campbells Are Coming / Old Rosin the Beau / Bonnie Dundee
J15 My Wife's A Wanton We Thing / Rocky Road To Dublin / Drops Of Brandy / Hardiman The Fiddler
J16 Louisburg Square / A and D / Ap Shenkin (The Tempest)
J17 Blacehope Burn / Forgotten Jig
J18 Ashling's Jig / Flight / Pandean Dance / Dribbles Of Brandy / Jollity / Prince Of Wales Jig
J19 Whose Jig / Sally Hunter / Fiddle Hill Jig / Maple Leaf Jig
J20 Sweets Of May / Dingle's Regatta / Oats, Peas, Beans
J21 Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself / Dribbles of Brandy / The Old Woman Tossed in a Blanket
J22 Coming, Ready or Not / Sprites in the Woods / Icy Jig
J23 CHRISTMAS JIGS - I Saw Three Ships / Seven Joys of Mary / We Three Kings / In Dulci Jubilo
J24 Bell's Favourite / First Weston Change / Swallow Tail
J25 Tarry Awhile / Glendaruel Highlanders / Hills of Glenorchy
J26 Behind The Bush In The Garden / Old Favourite / The Boys of Tandragee / Idlewild Jig
J27 Fair Jenny's Jig / Bundle And Go / The Burnt Old Man / The Cowboy Jig
J28 Grimstock
J29 Campbell's Frolic / Pete Peerie's Boat / Glakey Hornpipe / Green Willow
J30 Coldside / Fasten The Leggings / Sweet Pretty Daisy / Charity Jig


W1 Christmas Tunes - Past Three O'Clock / Wassail All Over The Town / Wish You A Merry Christmas / Quem Pastores
W2 Waltz Cotillion Selection - Baby Lie Easy / Wild Rover / Cobbler / Streets Of Laredo
W3 Star Of The County Down / Still I Love Him / My Rose In June / Blow The Man Down
W4 Red Lark / Gosseburgh / Kathleen Tyrell
W5 Margravine's / Drink Your Tea Love / Nan's Waltz
W6 Gone For A Burton - In A Burton Manner / Jelles Wille
W7 Ash Grove / Greenwood Tree / Messing About On The River
W8 Gold And Silver / I Love You So / Waves Of The Danube
W9 Edelweiss / Cradle Song / Moonlight Moorings
W10 Merch Megan / Caerdroia / Blodau'r Drain
W11 Scalloway Voe / Highland Boat Song / Skye Boat Song
W12 Mist On The Marsh / Dreaming
W13 Maggie's Waltz / Joy's Waltz / Alison's Waltz
W14 Margaret's Waltz / Farewell to Devon / Rose of Allandale

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